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Where is your location?

101 Kent St. W., Lindsay ON


What are your hours?

Tuesday to Friday 9-4

Saturday  9-2

Closed Sunday and Monday




Do you offer custom cakes?

We do not offer any custom work at this time  - no cakes, cupcakes, cookies etc  

I prefer not to use a credit card to pay, is there another way?

Yes!  Choose the e-transfer option as your payment method - it is our preferred method of payment as we don't lose any money to fees. Our email address is jen@thesweetkitchen.ca and is set up for automatic deposit, so there is no need for a secret question or answer. 


Where else can I find your products?

North Ward Coffee Co. 172 Angeline St., Lindsay (butter tarts: plain, pecan, raisin and maple bacon)


Do you offer a delivery option?



Do you cater to food allergies or dietary restrictions?

We have a small selection of items (gluten free double chocolate fudge cookies and vegan ginger molasses cookies) that may be suitable for your dietary restrictions, but overall, we're a traditional bakery that uses butter, flour, nuts and sugar.


Do you offer shipping?

At this time we do not. Baked goods are best consumed fresh and the time it would take to deliver your order, may result in a less than delicious product and we don't want that to happen.  I guarantee you have a fantastic baker/bakery near you that would love your support - ask your friends, google, search on Facebook and Instagram - they're out there, waiting for your business!