When can I pick up my order?

Pickup is either Friday (self serve) between 4-6pm or Saturday at the market 7am - 1pm May - Oct. 

Where is the market?

Our Farmers' Market is in the town of Lindsay, ON and runs from the first Saturday of May until the last Saturday of October.  It is located on Victoria Av between Kent St. and Peele St., beside Victoria Park.  It is closed off to traffic, but free parking can be found on Peele St., Kent St., Cambridge St. or behind the Public Library adjacent to the market - all within a 2-3 minute walk.

Where is your pickup location?

We are a home based business in the town of Lindsay and will email you our exact address once payment goes through.

Do you offer a delivery option?

At this time, we do not. 

I need my product before the weekend, can you accommodate a different pickup day?

Absolutely!  Make a note on your purchase, or send an email and we can schedule a different day and time. We are a bake to order bakery though, so require a minimum of 48 hours (or more depending on how busy we are) notice  before your order will be ready. 

Do you cater to food allergies or dietary restrictions?

We have a small selection of items that may be suitable for your diet, but overall, we're a traditional bakery that uses butter, flour, nuts and sugar.  For example, we do make a gorgeous gluten free chocolate chunk cookie, but we make it in the same kitchen where we make all of our other products and the possibility of cross contamination is there despite all of the safeguards we employ.  This cookie is suitable for someone avoiding gluten, but maybe not for someone with a severe celiac condition.

Do you offer shipping?

At this time we do not.