About Us


I'm Jen and I've had a lifelong fascination and love of baking that led me to take the Pastry and Baking program at Algonquin College in Ottawa approximately 100 years ago (not really, but some days it certainly feels like it) in 1993.  Upon graduating I wrote and passed my Red Seal exam and was able to find work in small pastry kitchens like the Ritz and Movenpick until I landed a full time position at the Westin Hotel.  I loved every single minute of the work there - from the large 1500 plate dinners to the small 10 person breakfast meetings.  Every day was completely different and challenging in terms of the pastry work.  I learned so much in my almost 8 years there and was sad to leave when we decided to move to Lindsay, ON for my husband to go to Fleming College.  We were only going to stay for the two year duration of his program, then move on to who knows what.  But we fell in love with the small town vibe and feeling of community during that time and stayed.

I was able to find work in Peterborough, but it wasn't enough to be considered full time, so I looked into the possibility of making a commercial kitchen in the basement.  The city, zoning department,  health department and fire department were all on board and The Sweet Kitchen was born in May 2007.  I supplied 7 restaurants year round and did the Saturday Farmers' Market from May to October.

We are a bake to order business, meaning we don't make anything until you place an order, our product is always fresh.    

We're always introducing new product so check back often.

Sweet Regards,

Jen Arnold